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If you’re looking for Dallas-Fort Worth area EDS-aware doctors, up to date medical information, online and in-person social support, you’ve come to the right place. Join the Dallas EDS Support Group and connect with your fellow DFW Zebras by any method listed below:

Join us on Facebook to Access our Good Doctors List

EDS Dallas Support Group FacebookThe best way to get plugged in and get connected is to join our private, closed Facebook group at Just click on this link to visit our page and send us a “join” request. Anything you post in this group can only be viewed by members of the group. Your posts to this group will not show up in your friends’ timelines (unless your friends are also members of the group).

Alternatively, if you’re not on Facebook, simply fill out the contact form on this site to request a doctor recommendation in the specialty you require.


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Dallas EDS Support Group Twitter DFWzebrasOur Twitter user name is @DFWzebras. If you follow us, we’ll absolutely follow you back! If you come across any great new research or fantastic information you’d love to share with the group, tweet us @DFWzebras, or use hashtag #DFWzebras or #EDSDallas.


Get EDS-Aware Doctor Recommendations

Good Doctors for EDS in Dallas Fort WorthWhile we do have a working doctor-recommendation list in existence, and while we’re happy to just email you the name of a specialist you might require, we encourage you to join our private, closed Facebook group in order to get the best doctor recommendation experience.

When you join the Facebook group, you’ll be able to ask other members for recommendations of doctors who are not on the list, compare treatment notes, and exchange tips and tricks for managing life with EDS.

You’ll also be able to ask members about their experiences with and opinions of doctors on our list. It’s important to remember that opinions differ. Some people may love a doctor on our list while others may not. Open dialog with other group members is the best way to find out if a particular doctor is right for you.

A Note about our Facebook Group Rules: Defamatory statements are not allowed and will be deleted. However, honest opinions are welcome. If you’re unsure if a statement might be defamatory, err on the side of caution and don’t share it.

Doctors and employees of doctors on our recommendation list are not permitted to join the Facebook group. If you join the group and find that you are professionally or personally associated with one of our recommended doctors, you must disclose your affiliation immediately. Failure to do so may result in an action from our group’s attorneys.


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