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Need a Doctor?

We’re setting up a Dallas doctor’s referral bank. Click below for recommended doctors and contact information.

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When you shop at, a portion of the proceeds goes to the charity of your choice, including the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation!

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Support for EDS, POTS, and MCAD in Dallas and Fort Worth

Welcome to the all new DFW support group for people living with EDS! This web site is new and is under construction, so while it doesn’t look like much now, expect it to evolve into something bigger and better in the future. This site is the public-facing portion of our group, which serves people living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), and Mast Cell Activation Disorders (MCAD) in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.

Check back from time to time for new articles and research. We’ll try to keep the site updated with the latest research, human interest stories, treatment tips, and lifestyle hacks for zebras everywhere, but especially for those of you in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Need a Doctor?

We invite you to join our closed Facebook group: Good Doctors in Dallas Ft. Worth for EDS / POTS / MCAD. Just click here and request to be added. This is a private group where members can recommend doctors to each other, share experiences, treatment tips, or just generally vent and ask for support.

From time to time, we’ll host videoconferences where you can interact with and ask questions of EDS doctors and other experts from the comfort of your own home. Members are also encouraged to use Facebook’s event planning features plan and invite informal in-person get-togethers in various areas of the Metroplex. No special permission is required to do this. Just join up and jump right in! We look forward to connecting with you.

Good Doctors for EDS, POTS, and MCAD in Dallas-Fort Worth

Find us on Facebook

Join our private (closed) group on Facebook — a safe place to vent, share concerns, discuss symptoms and doctors, and fellowship with other Zebra Warriors in Dallas. Just click here, request to join, and an admin will add you.

If you live outside the DFW area, or if you have hidden your location in your Facebook profile for security reasons, please use the Facebook messaging service to send a message to the admins stating why you would like to join our local group, otherwise you may be rejected. We try to screen our members very carefully. Anyone who lives outside the Metroplex area or anyone whose Facebook profile seems to be fake will not be admitted to the group.

If you have applied to join the group and believe you may have been rejected in error, please message one of the admins and explain why you would like to join the group. We do not admit everyone who requests to join because we strive to ensure the group is a safe place for DFW Zebras to communicate with one another.

Doctor Recommendations

We’ve polled our members and compiled a list of doctors in the area who are EDS friendly. If you have had a good experience with a doctor in the area who is not on this list, we’d like to hear from you.